A Step by Step by Guide for how to start working on Commission Junction?

Step 1:- First of all start registration through this link I have told you in the previous post that you must have a website or blog with proper content. This will be very useful for becoming a partner with reputed vendors and increase your discount max. After complete registration you will receive a verification email… Read More »

A Step by Step guide for how to start working on clever-bridge?

Step-1: Through this link start registration process or do login if you are existing user.                    Step-2: For security purpose I always select this option. Step 3: Take the list of Clients from Clever-bridge. For this you can send email on am@cleverbridge.com or click on link . I would suggest you to do following points… Read More »

A Step by Step guide for how to start working on Avangate?

Step -1 first complete your registration or do login if you are the registered user. Step-2 Select partners and products for start affiliate marketing Step-3 Send partnership request for get affiliate links. Step-4 After approving partnership, you can get the links from the approved partner. I would suggest you select Checkout link for “Buy Now”… Read More »

How Does Affiliate marketing work? A simple step by step guide.

Hello Friends, now I’m going to tell you a brief description of affiliate marketing and how does affiliate marketing work ? You have several questions in your mind about the affiliate marketing. Don’t worry I’ll explain you it step by step. In the above-given image, you can understand easily the meaning of Affiliate marketing. Step… Read More »