A step by Step guide for how to start working on Up-click affiliate network?

Up-click is another affiliate network for digital goods. Up-click supports the most popular payment methods in BRIC, APAC, and EMEIA. Step-1: As like another affiliate network you have to first complete your sign-up process and do login. Step-2:  After doing login you will be entered on the home window where you can see your dashboard… Read More »

A Step By Step guide for How to Start working with One Network Direct?

This Post is very useful for those who want to start working on One Network Direct. As like another affiliate network you have to complete sign up process. If you have completed the sign up then you have to click on Login and enter your credentials. Step-1: After entering login details you will be entered… Read More »

A Step by Step guide for How to start working on My Commerce Share-it?

Share-it is an affiliate network platform for Digital Goods. There are multiple platforms of My commerce like Regnow, eSellerate. I hope it would be the best tutorial to learn how to start working on my commerce? Right now we are going to discuss here for Share-it. I explain here step by step how to start… Read More »

A Step By Step Guide for How to start working on Link Share?

Link-share is another affiliate network where you can find a lot of products in each category. It is a New York based company which was founded in 1996. This affiliate network is multipurpose not only digital goods in-fact you can start with other small products.  I explain here how to start working on like share… Read More »

What is Software Testing? Best Software Testing Tutorial

Hello friends, we came here with the best software testing tutorial but Before go through Software Testing you should know the definition of Software. Software is an interface or a medium between the user and the computer. It is a set of Program, process, rules, documentation, and data. Programs:  Program is a set of instruction… Read More »

A Step by Step by Guide for how to start working on Commission Junction?

Step 1:- First of all start registration through this link I have told you in the previous post that you must have a website or blog with proper content. This will be very useful for becoming a partner with reputed vendors and increase your discount max. After complete registration you will receive a verification email… Read More »

A Step by Step guide for how to start working on clever-bridge?

Step-1: Through this link start registration process or do login if you are existing user.                    Step-2: For security purpose I always select this option. Step 3: Take the list of Clients from Clever-bridge. For this you can send email on am@cleverbridge.com or click on link . I would suggest you to do following points… Read More »

A Step by Step guide for how to start working on Avangate?

Step -1 first complete your registration or do login if you are the registered user. Step-2 Select partners and products for start affiliate marketing Step-3 Send partnership request for get affiliate links. Step-4 After approving partnership, you can get the links from the approved partner. I would suggest you select Checkout link for “Buy Now”… Read More »

Top 10 Most Popular Affiliate networks to earn the Maximum commission

When I was new in AFFILIATE MARKETING I don’t know which platform is good and trustful to start the work in affiliate marketing. But I used to see many people in my contact who was earning a good amount in affiliate marketing and I used to work with more than 40 networks. Now I’m going… Read More »

How Does Affiliate marketing work? A simple step by step guide.

Hello Friends, now I’m going to tell you a brief description of affiliate marketing and how does affiliate marketing work ? You have several questions in your mind about the affiliate marketing. Don’t worry I’ll explain you it step by step. In the above-given image, you can understand easily the meaning of Affiliate marketing. Step… Read More »