Top 10 Most Popular Affiliate networks to earn the Maximum commission

By | April 11, 2019

When I was new in AFFILIATE MARKETING I don’t know which platform is good and trustful to start the work in affiliate marketing. But I used to see many people in my contact who was earning a good amount in affiliate marketing and I used to work with more than 40 networks. Now I’m going to share top 10 most profitable and trustable affiliate networks where you can do register and earn commission from there.

1.            Avangate

2.            Clever-bridge

3.            Commission Junction

4.            Link-share

5.            My Commerce

6.            One network Direct

7.            Up-click

8.            Tradedoubler

9.            Share-It


Avangate is most trustable platform and you can earn up to 75% commission from avangate. Avangate is popular for digital products where you can find window and Mac utilities for promote and sell. Through this link you can start registration process on Avangate.

For any query you can send mail on : or call them directly on 650-963-5701.

These are following advantage with Avangate:

  1. Products are categorized
  2. Earn commission up to 75 %.
  3. You can choose the links as you want like separate download link, checkout link.
  4. You can generate coupon code according to your commission.
  5. You can track the sale and download in-fact traffic comes from which region etc.

Before start working with Avangate your vision should be clear that this platform is only for software and digital goods.  Read More


Clever-brdge is other second most trustable platform for digital goods. Clever-bridge have selected and popular products. Clever-bridge is same as popular for digital products where you can get Windows and Mac utilities for promote them. Start registration process through this link.

For general questions you can send email on

Below are following points for start work with clever-bridge.

  1. Quick support and instant solution
  2. Enough marketing material for own and third party websites.
  3. Separate analytics reports for each vendor.
  4. Limited clients but most popular digital products.

We have developed a separate guide for how to start working with Clever-bridge.

Commission Junction

CJ or commission junction is a very big platform for affiliate marketers. Always remember CJ requires 2 times credentials during login. You can find more than 30 categories and thousands of products for start work. It’s your choice what will you get select. CJ is little critical in comparison of Avangate and Clever-bridge but don’t get afraid practice and continue working makes it easy. Read More..

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