How Does Affiliate marketing work? A simple step by step guide.

By | April 2, 2019

Hello Friends, now I’m going to tell you a brief description of affiliate marketing and how does affiliate marketing work ? You have several questions in your mind about the affiliate marketing. Don’t worry I’ll explain you it step by step.

In the above-given image, you can understand easily the meaning of Affiliate marketing.

Step 1: First you have to join Most Popular affiliate networks.

Step 2: In Step 2 you have to search the most popular Products from the registered networks.

Step 3: To earn money you have to promote the products and sell them.

Step 4: Just track your sale and can earn your commission from the related network.

Top 100 solutions for successful Affiliate marketing

  1. Choose your niche.
  2. You need your Own Website.
  3. How to gain traffic.
  4. Increase your conversion rate
  5. How to optimize the shopping cart.
  6. Which payment methods are best?
  7. How can we track results?
  8. Check customer Feedback continue
  9. Always Deliver fresh and quality content
  10. How should we apply promotional and incentive strategies?
  11. Always choose right Network and Products in affiliate marketing.
  12. Make yourself as a brand and gain customers trust.
  13. Awareness and Advertising
  14. Conclusion
  15. Revision checklist.

How to select Niche for start affiliate marketing?

Well there is not any thumb rule for select particular niche for start affiliate marketing. It depends on your interest, knowledge, like my interest is in technology. Some of my friends do it for various types of products.

In my opinion you should start search on Internet that People is searching for what? And you can provide them solution through your products.

If we talk about Software and digital goods industry then affiliate sales has been reached 4.5 billion USD in 2016 at U.S only. This niche has a big opportunity for online entrepreneurs. For success you have to select right products and networks.

You need your own website? It is right

Yes, you need your own website for start affiliate marketing. Many good networks and companies visited your website and check ranking, PR and other important parameters before provide you affiliate links.

Make sure about your website that design should be responsive, neat and clean. Sometimes user confused in a cluttered or unstructured website. WebPages color should not be visually overwhelming. For example we have several popular website which uses one or two color combination website in a very structure way like,

Always conscious about your website speed and page-load time. You can check it from Google Page speed Tools, GTmetrix , Pingdom Tools and Webpage Test.

Use infographics and images instead of large text are good options but images increase the load of the website. Many of plug-ins available for synchronizing the size of the images which only reduce the size of images and visual quality remains the same.

Don’t revise same keywords multiple times. It always impacts the ranking of your website. Try to use major targeted keyword in head line and in the end of your article and use LSI keywords in the mid of the content.

One more important thing that there should be limited promotional banner on your website and they should be placed on a fixed place otherwise search engine treat as a spam website or a promotional website instead of a Information website. That’s not mean you don’t have to put banners on your website just need to put them on a fixed place with limited number. My meaning is clear that focus on quality not on quantity.

In nowadays entire traffic has to move on Mobile devices. In that case, you have to develop your website as well as Mobile friendly.

Make sure that each product have owns a separate page. I’ve told you before that focus on quality, not on quantity. It would be good if you will post each product with complete information like proper affiliate links, coupon code (if you have), reviews, previous customer feedback, description, social media links, specification, special features in a specific order. If you have limited products on your website but if they have listed with complete information then definitely it will increase your customer base.

 The broken link is other major factors which impact your website growth. Sometimes we make a hyperlink for redirect on valuable information and links got expired after sometimes. A large number of broken links reduces the growth of the website. Here the word I’m using many places “growth of website” its means ranking, viewers, PR.

You can highlight your upcoming campaign on your home page or a place where maximum users can see this advertisement. Make sure your campaign banner is simple with enough information so that user can easily grab the deal in a single view.

The most important factor which will increase conversion and make turnover of your website is Action buttons. Meaning of Action buttons means Checkout Our Add to Cart Button. Do test these buttons with color combination, link redirection, and make sure that workings of these buttons are correct.

How to gain maximum traffic on your Website?

This is hot search topic on search engine for gain maximum traffic on your website. Well we’ll discuss here about other tips and techniques for it but always remember “Content is King”. If content on your website is good and in a structure way and in calculative way then we should apply other techniques otherwise all work is zero.

At first you have to analyze what your customers is exactly searching for? I mean pupil is searching for Antivirus, Mac optimizer and still there is not any relative products listed on your website. So just monitor and track the searches local and global and try to list them accordingly.

There are a couple of tools available to improve your website. I would recommend Word-Press platform is best for developing your website. There are several plug-ins and features available in word-press which can benefit to improve the ranking of your website. This platform has some useful widgets such as Afflinker Affiliate, Easy Affiliate, Affiliate Power, Thirsty Affiliates etc.

Make back-links can also improve your website reputation in the search engine. But remember one thing don’t take backlinks from any porn websites, spam websites or any websites which don’t belong from your niche. There are many online bookmarking and profile linking website available on the internet where you can list your website with proper link building. Except these, you can also list your website on forums and directories whose belong your niche.  You need to improve the SEO of your website to gain genuine traffic. Nowadays pupil focus on image and Video sharing. An image is equivalent to 1000 words.

Affiliate marketing focus on guest posting, blog commenting, PPC, Email marketing, Social Media sharing meanwhile do concentrate on Keyword selection. You should use long tail keywords instead of the one-word keyword. Google Keyword planner is best for keyword searching. You can use Semrush, Google Discovery research tool for high CPC keywords. Make sure during the selection of keywords that low and medium competition keywords are easy to rank in search engine. Never choose high competitive keywords in starting of SEO. Always start with low or medium competitive keywords. Use main targeted keywords in H1 heading or in the last of the article and don’t use same keywords multiple times on a webpage. You should try to use LSI keywords.

How to Increase Conversion rate of your website?

If you are a affiliate marketer then surely it is best article for you that how may you increase conversion rate at your website. Think like user and expect that if I’m a consumer then what things we can expect from a shopping website. We don’t have need to put rocket technology here just need to explore the things and should be transparent with user. However I’m going to share couple of points here which would be helpful for increase the conversion rate.

Manage your affiliate links and contributes to the trust factor for shopping is important. Use affiliate link cloaking plug-ins for manage same.

Do testing continuously of your product pages. Several things may be need testing continue like affiliate links, their discount coupons, Title of heading etc. I’ve used term product page because major conversion and impression comes from these pages.

Provide the Compare and filter service to your consumers so that they don’t get confuse in similar category products. Suppose user wants to purchase a Antivirus or any optimizer tools and your website is showing multiple products then in this case it is must for provide compare and filter feature for better selection of products.

Always put updated version (if product have multiple versions) of products. Network feeds is the best way to ensure that all the products are up to date.

Make sure about your headline on product pages. It should be with target keyword and persuades. Sometimes you don’t know that which headline is best and not for this you have test 5-6 headlines on different web pages and analyze the traffic and conversation on those pages.

Think globally act locally like personalize you are offering city specific event, free shipment, delivery etc.

If you have a small website then you can easily maintain links, replace updated version products, discount coupon and several things but for a huge website you have to use some automation tools like for auto approval comments, network feeds so that you can increase customer loyalty and faith on your website.

Sometimes you redirect your consumer to third party website for better understanding but make sure that you are using affiliate links with tracking code.

Email marketing in the terms of newsletter campaign is one of the best options for increase conversion rate. Generally we assumes 6-7 % maximum conversion rate. For gain highest conversion rate you have to make sure about effective and attractive content of newsletter, use hd images, discount percent, domain name authority, etc. You can use Sendgrid or Mailchimp which provides a complete solution on email marketing.

How to optimize the Shopping Cart?

Easy interface and understanding shopping cart increase the conversion rates. Ask your merchant for provide their conversion rates percent and demand them for more layouts and select which can convert better. There is only few of merchants whose provide same like Avangate , Share-it. Here are some A/B testing tools like Google Website Optimizer, Visual Website Optimizer, LiveBall, and A/Bingo which has been recommended by affiliate marketing experts.

I’ve repeated a word again user interface. Each item should be shown with the cost in the shopping cart so that user can be aware of their purchasing, their budget. The user can be able to add or deduct any item on runtime so that they don’t need to go backward for it.

Try to finish your checkout process on a single page with an easy approach instead of doing it with multiple pages. Just demand all required parameters on a single page and once a time otherwise there is a high probability that user will be abandoning the checkout process.

Shopping cart should display with trustworthy companies logo like with SSL secure layer, Security companies certificates, Certification from Security audit companies etc. which will increase the confidence level of consumer.

Registration process should be very simple with minimum required fields. Sometimes user avoids the registration process if form is lengthy.

For increase registration and email in your database you can provide incentives, discount coupons, reward points and any other type of loyalty service if they complete registration process.  You can offer 1 year free subscription of top selling product or discount up to 50 % on their first purchase or any other special offers which belongs to your products.

Show the total paid amount in breaking form like shipping charges, taxes. Don’t keep these charges hidden until last step of purchase process.

Redirection on thank you page is must after complete the purchase process and an order confirmation through phone or email.  Don’t ignore the redirection on thank you page in-fact you can use this page as extra interaction with consumer like his/her experience with your website, fill a survey form , their feedbacks , email subscription for latest deals and products.

These are such standard requirement which will increase the trust of user on your website.

Which Payment methods are best?

You should test payment process regular basis .Use updated payment methods and test them personally. I would recommend to use maximum payment methods because every user have own preference. Some prefer Direct deposit, some wire transfer, couple of want to deposit payment via check, credit cards, PayPal etc. According to the AffStat report 2014 42% of the questioned affiliates prefer Direct deposit, 34% use PayPal and 12 % use Check and rest prefer Wire transfer.

Some payment methods got popularity in specific countries like Boleto Bancario is popular payment method in Brazil. In such case we have to use some specific local payment methods for increase the conversion rate.

Monitoring, Measurement and tracking the results?

Pay attention about your seasonal campaign and you will find that your sales are not constant for all months. You have to analyze the number of Buy button clicks, download clicks, checkout clicks, region vise sale.

Offer a discount coupon if someone leaves your website without any purchase. You can ask them the reason for leaving the website without any purchase. These small questions, survey works as a vital information and you can improve your website weak points.

Engage with Google analytics or some other web analytics tool where you can monitor your website with detailed reports. If the report is not showing well I mean website performance is not improving after your continue efforts then you have to find out the reasons behind it may be copied content, wrong back links, bad ads etc.

How the Customer Feedback is must?

How could you say you don’t need customer feedback?  In-fact many of good affiliate marketers take review during checkout button or “Add to Cart” button to increase the perceived value. Couples have integrated a grading system or offer a survey form so that user can share their experience with them.

Genuine review with the products increase the trust and faith about your website and in my opinion mouth marketing is the best way for gain max traffic in min time.

Expect these you can make a survey form and send it through newsletter and ask your users about your website.

Always Deliver Original Content?

Never post copied, duplicate or lie content at your blog.Sometime we tell the lot of features for sell the product easily but this will destroy the trust of user and never will he/she consider your website.

Try to deliver always true and genuine content doesn’t matter products would be sell or not. Main thing is that your website is delivery correct information.

Whenever you will see towards heavy traffic websites they provide always high quality content. Like BitsDuJour  , ColorMango , ToptenReviews are some popular software selling websites. These websites provide information in a standard pattern.

Take Feedbacks and Comments on submitted products

Start taking feedbacks and reviews from your followers, consumers on submitted products. Actual feedbacks have a big impact on the overall performance of the website. You can provide comment section below each product. Major Geeks and AntiVirus-4u both website encourages their users for give their feedback and comments below each product.

Provide related resources for your Selling products

Upload product specification PDFs , how to install manual , required screenshots , download link and other important information related to the products you ‘re promoting .

Post your own reviews and feedbacks for submitted products and services

A good blogger or seller provides correct information to their consumer so that user can decide how much a particular product is useful for him. You should provide actual and real feedbacks so that user can calculate how it is profitable or not.

Start Video Marketing for product tours

Now a day Video Marketing is on boost. You can make video for reviews, feedbacks, specification, installation step, work process and so on and start share them via Social media on Yotube , Vimeo, Vevo , Dailymotion etc.  Matthew Woodward is a Internet marketing expert blogger and he makes video tutorials with content as well.

Interviews and Testimonials

That would be great if you conduct interviews session or testimonials from them who is already using same products. Actually users believe to read other experienced people feedbacks, reviews and eager to find out opinion from experts. John Chow is  a popular blogger, speaker and he loves hosting interviews on his website.

Discount and Promotional Strategies

Offer your customers gifts or discount coupon during purchase or open a pop up window with more discount or any attractive offers if user leave the page.

Send Gifts and Wishes on their birthdays

Start sends gifts and wishes to your loyal consumers or provide them special discount on their favorite products and give them free subscription or any other attractive offer which they might like.

Run Discount campaigns on special occasions

Don’t miss run the campaign on special occasions like on Black Friday , Winter Holiday , New Year , Valentine Day, Christmas Day , Easter,  Back to School , Labor Day and remember one thing about design theme and content of campaign which must be relative to occasions.

Organized Local Campaign

If your website is country specific then you can make plan for local campaign. Like Flash sale on Diwali- The cherry blossom festival in India or for Hanami- The popular festival for Japan.

Organize Events and Contents

People love content and events. You can plan an event or prize content for attract user and traffic on your website and start invite to people via Social Media. Make sure that only genuine and relative user can participate in it, for this you can fill a form and take essential information.

Take Special deals and discounts from your Vendors

“Discount” word is user attractive. More discount more traffic and more sales. Ask your vendor to provide much discount in compare of other competitors.

Create Bundles or special product deals

Many users want complete system utilities once a time in that case you have to develop bundles wisely. If possible then provide big discount on same so that user can think about it. Many good affiliate website provide such type of promotions like BitsDuJour , which promote  a record 10-app bundle.

Offers a special offer to New Email Subscribers

You can think to give them any reward point, loyalty point, 50 % discount on most trending product.

Newsletter looks like information basis not promotion basis

Users will more likely to open and read information basis newsletter instead of promotion newsletter. Send newsletter according to the interest of users. For example if user searches about security product then sends same category product information with great discount. I would recommend giving their one or two links in newsletter with Unsubscribe link.

Send Newsletter according to user interest improve the chances of increase conversion rate. Make sure that choose Newsletter title information basis, promotional base newsletter higher chances to goes in spam folder.

Run Cross Selling Campaigns

Suggest similar, most trending, recently viewed or dependent products.

Custom Discount Codes

Instead of vendor providing discount codes you are able to develop your own custom code as similar to your website name like Avangate , MyCommerce provide the options to their affiliates for generate custom code.  

Choose the Right Network and Right Products

Make sure about product Campaign before starting promoting a product

I would recommend for the affiliates that rely on paid traffic instead of organic traffic. Start purchase the traffic in low as possible and sell them product in high cost.

Product Conversion rates

If you are buying paid media and spend money in promotion and marketing then you can ask from relative affiliate networks about conversion rates like EPC (earn per click), CPC (cost per click) , CPD( cost per download) , CPI (cost per installation).

Aware from your competitors

Track your competitors continuously that how they are offering discount, promotion methodology on common products. You can take help from SimilarWeb and SEMRush to check that where they’re getting traffic, back links, running campaigns etc.

Provide promotional and marketing material

For promotion and marketing you have need good banners with attractive discounts and title. Couple of networks provides and some not. In my opinion being a good affiliate marketer you have good collection of banners, pop up advertisements, attractive discount, custom discount coupons etc. Such small help things help us to increase conversion rates. Make sure your networks provide such type of materials.

Focus on Product Variety and relevancy

There are so many affiliate networks on web like Avangate, Cleverbridge , MyCommerce , OneNetworkDirect , Commision Junction , Linkshare and so many. Every network has specialized in specific niche. Like upper given names have known for software utilities and digital goods.

I would suggest you for earn specialization on specific niche.  

Dedicated customer Support

A good affiliate network provides support service 24 X 7. Like thousands of vendors and affiliate marketers connect with each other through these affiliate networks. During work we face many technically and functionality issues. Quick support with easy solution increases the trust on affiliate networks.

Earn Big Commission

No doubt upper given points are must for select an affiliate network but apart from such points commission plays an important role for selection in networks.

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