A step by Step guide for how to start working on Up-click affiliate network?

By | July 10, 2019

Up-click is another affiliate network for digital goods. Up-click supports the most popular payment methods in BRIC, APAC, and EMEIA.

Step-1: As like another affiliate network you have to first complete your sign-up process and do login.

Step-2:  After doing login you will be entered on the home window where you can see your dashboard with summarizing details.

Up-click Dashboard

Step-3: First you have to complete your public profile with detail information and tell merchants about yourself and your plans for how to promote their products.

Up-click public Profile

Step-4: For Getting affiliate links you have to come on Marketplace where you can see various products with different categories.

Remember one point that you have to first take Request approval from merchants for taking affiliate links, as I have told you in Step-3 to complete your public profile so that merchants can easily approve your request.

Up-click Affiliate links

I have told you that there are several digital goods products with different categories you have to select accordingly your interest.

Up-click Product Category

Like my interest are in Security software and Pc utilities.

You can select and sort products as per your interest.

Up-click Product Selection

Step-5: In reporting section, you can check your performance reports with given time intervals options.

Up-click Reporting

Up-click pays you for PPI (pay per install). If someone download the build from your affiliate link and install o your device then up-click will pay you for this installation.

You can check PPI report from same option just needs to select the option.

Up-click Pay Per Installation

You can check your transaction and track through this option. You can take order details on E-mail as well as a tracking pixel will display on the Confirmation page.

Up-click API’s Tracking

For any assistance contact on following information

Affiliate Managers

Phone: 1 (888) 448-6822

Email: affiliates@upclick.com

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