A Step by Step guide for How to start working on My Commerce Share-it?

By | July 6, 2019

Share-it is an affiliate network platform for Digital Goods. There are multiple platforms of My commerce like Regnow, eSellerate. I hope it would be the best tutorial to learn how to start working on my commerce?

Right now we are going to discuss here for Share-it. I explain here step by step how to start working on My commerce Share-it.

Step-1: First of all you have to complete the Registration process. There are 3 types of the model designed by My commerce for affiliate marketers. I would suggest you choose a Simple Model for fresher.

Do login directly if sign up process has been done.

My-Commerce Signup Plans

Step-2: After Login you will enter on the home screen. There are six sections which are following

  1. Start Page for Provide the Overview and documentation
  2. Reporting section for check your sales report and export from there.
  3. Products section for view the Products, make partnerships from Software publishers, get an affiliate link, create catalogs, etc.
  4. Marketing, it is a premium service to promote your products.
  5. Design and layout for design the customize order layout.
  6. Administration for checking your personal info.

Step-3: For getting affiliate links you have to make a partnership with the software publisher.

There are many options for search products like By ID, their partnership status, type of Category, product name, etc.

My-Commerce Product finder

You have to click on “Submit Partner Request “to make the partnership with the software publisher.

My-Commerce Submit Partnership

For terminate the partnership click on “Terminate Partnership”.

My-Commerce Terminate Partnership

Step-4: For generate affiliate link there are two options for it.

  1. Find out the Product and click on “Generate Product links”.
  2. Click on “Generate Links”.

Type a: Find out the product and click on “Generate Product links”.

My-Commerce Generate Product Link

After click on it, you have to follow options which would be helpful for generating a customized link

Like Language, no. of products, product Page, checkout page etc.

I would recommend you to choose the default setting and click on “Generate Product links” in the footer.

My-Commerce Link Generator

You can click on “Test link” for Test the link.

My-Commerce Test Affiliate Link

Type b: Click on “Generate Links”.

Here are three options for generate affiliate link.  First one is as same as type A.

Second one is for create redirection. It is for link to a different website.

Thirds one is for link to a catalog page.

Step-5: Next menu is for Marketing. It is a premium service.

Step-6: Next menu is for Design and Layout. You can upload images here

Ste-7: Last one is Administration where you can view and edit your personal information.

You can select here your payment cycle. I would suggest you to select minimum balance option.

I hope it would be of a benefit for you in your affiliate journey. Revert me feedback through your comments.

An important term I forgot which is the Discount Coupon/ Coupon Code. You can demand from your publisher to provide a coupon code for your users. Uses of discount code attract the users and help in increasing your sales.

My-Commerce Coupon Code Window

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