A Step By Step Guide for How to start working on Link Share?

By | July 2, 2019

Link-share is another affiliate network where you can find a lot of products in each category. It is a New York based company which was founded in 1996.

This affiliate network is multipurpose not only digital goods in-fact you can start with other small products.

 I explain here how to start working on like share one by one

Step-1: First of all you have to do login on Link-share through this link.


Step-2: After Login you would be entered on the home window. Don’t be confuse after seen so many options just click on the category and check your niche product is available or not on the store.


Step-3: Before applying for affiliate links it is must for you to put entire information in “My account” options like your web URL, payment info, E-mail id, etc. It would be helpful for you in providing affiliate links without any interruption.


Step-4: One of a great feature is available here for companies or team players where more than one person handling a single account. In this case, you can create a new user and assign those roles and permission according to their profile.


Step-5: E-mail preference is another good option for active affiliate marketers who want to take update continuously from publishers and link-share. You can check the boxes and allow it to send you newsletter and emails regular basis.


Step-6: You have to select Category first like I used to select “Software”.


Before selecting the links you have to apply for the relationship so that publisher can review your profile before approving it.


Step-7: After taking approval from the publisher just click on the link and see all links provided by the publisher.


Like I would like to select “Software” then I’ll take affiliate links only for software category.

affiliate links by link-share

You can view an option with the name of “Export Selected to .csv”. First, you have to select the product then click on “Export….csv”.

Click on Contact Us for any query to link-share.

I hope all major points have been covering in this post. Revert me back with your feedback.

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