A Step by Step guide for how to start working on clever-bridge?

By | April 11, 2019

Step-1: Through this link start registration process or do login if you are existing user.


Step-2: For security purpose I always select this option.

Step 3: Take the list of Clients from Clever-bridge. For this you can send email on am@cleverbridge.com or click on link .

I would suggest you to do following points before send request to any client.

  • Prepare your blog or website with at-least 10 posts.
  • Generate little traffic at-least 50-80 views per day.
  • Image quality should be high resolution and clean.
  • No duplicate content.
  • Great impression if you have Google ads on your website.

After follow upper given points you have more probability for increase commission on affiliate products.

Step 4: You can check your accepted vendors list here

Step 5: Just click on Vendor logo and you can see the list of Products under Get Links menu

For any customization of plan you can mail them directly. If you have traffic then definitely they can change commission percentage or can provide extra marketing material for you.

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