A Step by Step guide for how to start working on Avangate?

By | April 11, 2019

Step -1 first complete your registration or do login if you are the registered user.

Avangate Signup Window

Step-2 Select partners and products for start affiliate marketing

Avangate Welcome Window

Step-3 Send partnership request for get affiliate links.

Avangate Vendor List

Step-4 After approving partnership, you can get the links from the approved partner.

Avangate Vendor’s Product List

I would suggest you select Checkout link for “Buy Now” button. If you want to redirect on product page then you should select “Product page”.

Step-5 You can generate a separate Coupon code for the product and for a partner also. If you generate a coupon code for a partner then coupon code would be work for entire products those come under the same partner.

Avangate Coupon Code

Step-6 If you want to generate a coupon code for entire products of the same partner then you should go below mention option.

Generate Own discount code in Avangate

Step-7 You can select an option that discount code is for the specific product or for a vendor.

Avangate Specific Discount Coupon

Sometimes vendor provide special discounted links for attract the affiliates

Avangate Festival Coupon Code

Step-8 You can test generated coupon code on Checkout link.

Avangate Checkout Link

Step-9 Check conversion reports and commission amount from here.

Avangate Reporting Section

Step-10 You can design custom order template and tracking from here.

Avangate Custom Order Template

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