A Step by Step by Guide for how to start working on Commission Junction?

By | April 11, 2019

Step 1:- First of all start registration through this link

Commission Junction Login Window

I have told you in the previous post that you must have a website or blog with proper content. This will be very useful for becoming a partner with reputed vendors and increase your discount max.

After complete registration you will receive a verification email and just click on link for redirect on login window.

Step-2: Click on login button and put your login credentials.

Commission Junction Login Credentials

After click on login button you will redirect on Dashboard page where you will get several options.

Note: Sometimes you will get the error message on login, just ignore it if you have put correct credentials and click on login button again.

Step-3: In Account Menu you will get administration settings and basic settings options.

Through this you can change your login mail-id, add websites, add marketing methods etc.

Step-4: On click Advertisers you can view the list of Advertisers.

You can see a option with the name of “Join Program”. You have to click and get approval for become a partner.

Step-5: You can check Vendor Information on click on Vendor Name.

Step-6: Select product with Categories and Subcategories.

Step-7: You can Select Links as same as Products for vendor. I would suggest for select links directly.

 You can see different options for products and links.

Step-8: You can choose Vendors accordingly your choice like location wise, language wise, service wise etc.

Step-9: You can choose links from other second option where you can choose link as your requirement like for mobile apps link or promotion type link or schedule base link and so many.

Step-10: You can see your transaction details, performance chart and other reporting from here.

You can see entire information date wise in 100 % transparent way.

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